Despite our best intentions, the month of January has not cooperated with us! We have all been struggling with the Omicron variant of COVID-19:

    • Our recipient organizations (the shelters, homeless service providers, etc. to whom we deliver) have limited ability to receive used clothing donations;
    • Our donor organizations (law firms, corporate law departments and other entities who have been collecting for us since November) are once again largely working remotely; and
    • Our volunteers (the hundreds of individuals who would traditionally show up to sort, bag and deliver our donations) are understandably reluctant to gather in close quarters

As such, it is with much sadness that we must cancel our 2022 Used Clothing Drive as an in-person event. We will not be able to gather on the weekend of January 21st – 22nd as we had hoped. We do, however, have a back-up plan, to keep our dedicated donor organizations and volunteers engaged, allow them to follow through and complete the efforts that have already begun, and help as many recipient organizations as we can. Here’s how:

    • If you have already collected clothing and other donations – stand by — will guide you on what to do next!
    • If you have not already collected – you can still help by directing individuals in your organization or group to donate their used clothing and other items to organizations that we have pre-screened as having needs and willing to accept donations from the public at large – more on that to come as well!
    • If you are a volunteer and you are willing to do pick-ups and deliveries in your personal vehicle on a by-assignment basis over the next last two weeks of January and first two weeks of February – send an email to and let us know generally when you are available and what kind of vehicle you have.

Meanwhile, we are happy to report that our NEW CLOTHING efforts continue, despite the pandemic. Monetary donors continue to step up and provide the funds that allow us to buy needed items in bulk and ship them to our recipients. We are particularly grateful because we had to cancel our leading fundraising activity, the Banding Together concert, for the second year in a row due to COVID. Please consider donating and urge others in your circles to do so.

We have tried hard to make this work as we had in the past. We appreciate your sticking with us, and with fingers crossed, we will be back to normal next fall. Many thanks!

You can still sign up your law firm, company or organization to work with us to collect clothing, blankets, etc., to fundraise by clicking here. If you are signed up we will send you updates directly, or you can check back here. Thank you for your patience and support.

  • Collect Donations.  Clean out your own closets.  Or be more ambitious and solicit donations from your neighbors, officemates, extended family, or friends . It is completely up to you!  
  • Roughly Sort.  You can help out the organizations who will receive your donations by separating your haul into the rough categories. 

Men’s Business

Men’s Coats

Men’s (General)

Women’s Business

Women’s Coats

Women’s (General)



Sheets and Towels

We suggest that you bag the donations in large plastic bags, filled halfway so they won’t break, and labelled by writing the category on a self-stick label or masking tape.  

To the left you see two volunteers demonstrating the proper bag size.  No need for the fancy labels you see in the picture.


Of course, if you decide to tailor your donation to a specific need of an organization not listed in the rough categories, feel free to customize your labels.  There are no rules to this – at all!


  • Let Us (and the World) Know What You Have Done! While there is certainly no need to tell us what you are doing or what you have done, if you feel comfortable we would love to hear from you and even see pictures of your donations via Twitter (@GFTH), Facebook (GiftsfortheHomeless) or Instagram (@gfthdc).  


Got something to donate that you don’t see listed here?  Email for suggestions!

Thank you for all you do to help the homeless.