You toil day in and day out, generating heaps of a magical currency known to outsiders only by the mystical name of “billables.” Your cases are the most important sagas since the fall of the Roman Empire.  Your clients are divine royalty whose every whim must be sated at any cost.  Your competitors lurk in every shadow, waiting for the right moment to plunder your hard-fought treasure and turn your city of gold to a shambles.

Beleaguered brethren (and suffering sisterhood), it is high time for a healthy dose of Rock & Roll Reality.  And it can be yours at Gifts for the Homeless’ 15th annual Banding Together.

Enter Cooley’s and McKenna, Long and Aldridge’s PRINCESS, four middle aged men who refuse to let the shackles of fantasy land (mortgages, dependents, law school loans, and lengthy rap sheets) interfere with what is real and true: rock and roll will never die.  Join PRINCESS as they bathe your cohort in mellifluous, cleansing tones to refresh man, woman and child with a sobering yet uplifting dose of what it really means to live.  PRINCESS does so in homage to another reality–those of their fellow DC-ers who live without a place to call home–and in the context of Banding Together, a “battle” with other bands (a.k.a. pretenders). 

Every vote you cast in this battle is only $1 and you can vote as much as you like; 100% of every dollar purchases clothing for DC’s homeless population through Gifts for The Homeless.  For the sake of all that is–well, all that is, period–come to BT ’14, vote PRINCESS, and vote often. Viva le PRINCESS!  The band is so beloved that WTOP did on a piece on it last year — check it out right over here.